New Era of Care


Debra Gorman and Christina Ness-Hawks rocked the New Era of Care event by answering questions about acupuncture and chinese medicine.

New Era of Care
June 2, 2013, Dhyana Center, Sebastopol, 11am-8pm
Integrative & Sustainable Health Forum Click here for more info
Some of our most respected health professionals in our community will be participating in talks, demonstrations, panels, skill sharing demos and mini treatment sessions. Food and healthy refreshments will be served. This is your place to meet providers and take home practical skills and tools for your ongoing health support and to inform yourself of the latest news in both mainstream and alternative traditions. I will have a table there so you can come and meet me and some of my esteemed colleagues. Stop by and say “hi!”.

Puncturing the Myth

People are often confused by the language of Chinese medicine. The words and the concepts are foreign and can be hard to grasp. Qi has been called the body’s life force, but what does that really mean? Now western science … Continue reading

Acupuncture Helps Post Surgical Recovery

Post Surgical Recovery with Acupuncture in Santa RosaEfficacy of acupuncture during post-acute phase of rehabilitation after total knee arthroplasty. Acupuncture provides effective treatment during the post-acute phase of rehabilitation after TKA with respect to pain relief, reduction of swelling around the knee, and early recovery of ROM

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