Autumn Season Chinese Medicine

Finding Balance with the Seasons

Autumn – the midway point between yang and yin. As the seasons change the energy in our body changes as well. In autumn we go from being very active and outward in summer to being more inward and resting in the winter. The midpoints of this cycle, the autumnal and vernal equinox is when the energy is in between yin and yang, but this is not a static state and we want to support the movement of Qi and fluids to set our selves up for health in the next season.

In Chinese medicine, every season has an element that it is associate with, along with environmental factors, organs and and emotions. Autumn is related the element of Metal. The environmental factor is dryness, the organs are the lung and large intestine, the emotion is grief.

One way to balance the lungs at this time of years is to eat pears. Raw pears, baked pears, pear juice… anything with pear will be helpful. Pears are know in Chinese medicine to moisten the lungs. This allows the appropriate flow of fluids in the respiratory system so the body has the mucus defense layer. This will help protect you from getting the common cold and flu.

The veils between the worlds are thin in Autumn… we celebrate Halloween… Alls Hallow Eve… and the Day of the Dead half way through the season. We remember how precious life is. Here is a great practice to honor the season. The next time you visit with a loved one, take a moment to connect with them deeply… drop in with eye gazing for a minute or so. Then bow in honor to their precious life as you say good bye, or until we meet again.

One of my favorite videos is here… I love that Marina is wearing the red of summer and Ulay is wearing the black of winter. Their love story is beautiful and this is their reunion after not seeing each other for decades. Breathing in and letting go… this is the essence of the energy of Autumn.

Dr Debra Gorman, LAc, DAOM is an integrative medical practitioner. She combines the best of Chinese medicine and functional medicine to get the to root of what ails you and correct dysfunctions before they become a disease. Her super power is functional blood lab analysis. She weaves in the mystical in everything she does.