Medical Massage in Santa Rosa

If you follow me on Facebook you know I think Stacy DesJardins at Santa Rosa Medical Massage is one of the best bodyworkers in Sonoma County. I love how she approaches fascial and muscular imbalances. Well today I got to experience another side to her, and her work. She started to work on my psoas and was stopped in her tracks by the scar from the hysterectomy I had over one year ago. I know the power of working with scars from my own training in Hellerwork and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, I just hadn’t experienced this aspect of Stacy’s work.

As soon as she felt the swelling and inflammation in my abdomen, she immediately came to chest and started working a couple of acupuncture points (Kidney 27 and Ren 15).  I am familiar with both of these points as points that can help release emotions. I also know they are related to the lymphatic system. She stimulated them with a very light touch which I immediately recognized as lymphatic stimulation but had never had experienced it quite like that. I was very impressed to hear that she had learned this technique at the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville where she did her massage training.

Click here to book online

Click here to book online

I’m impressed and deeply touched by the level of care and competence Stacy brings to this work. Scars, no matter how small, can have big effects on your body’s structure and function. If you have old scars that have never been addressed and don’t enjoy optimal health, please call her today. Or just book online. The first treatment is always $39. Please tell her I recommended that you go. I feel blessed to have Stacy as an ally, both as someone to go to for treatment, as well as someone to refer my patients to.

Medical Massage and Acupuncture are a winning combination for treating scars. Each modality alone is effective. Together even more powerful.

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