Purium Organic Superfoods

1. The Problem: Processed Foods

100 years ago all food was organic. Today, there is a food crisis in North America because our diet is no longer natural. We live on food-like substances that are over-processed, irradiated and genetically-modified … artificial everything. Processed food companies use chemicals because they’re cheap, last longer on shelves and are more addictive than natural. These processed food chemicals can cause serious “dis-ease” … plus 2 of every 3 Americans is overweight or obese. Similar to the lies told by the tobacco industry 40 years ago – except you don’t have to smoke, but you do have to eat.

2. The Reality: Crazy Lifestyle

We live in fast forward mode. 24-7. Maxed out and stressed out by technology. Texts, emails, social media. It keeps getting worse. Our lifestyle is slowing depleting us. And the people who may have it the toughest are busy moms. They care for the family and never seem to have the time to care for themselves … for days, months, years, even decades! And when it comes to eating, the entire family is forced to make “compromises of convenience.” The food that is the fastest and cheapest is almost always filled with chemicals and devoid of real nutrition.

3. The Solution: The Core 3 – Protein, Fruits & Vegetables

Purium makes it fast, easy and inexpensive to get the core nutrition you need EVERY DAY! It’s like a daily insurance policy. The Core 3 is PROTEIN, FRUITS & VEGETABLES. The real food pyramid. Plain and simple, what your body needs to thrive. Purium goes beyond what you can find in a grocery store or health food store because we are an organic-certified manufacturer. You get the MAXIMUM for the MINIMUM – max nutrient density & convenience with minimum cost & environmental impact. Protein – for building muscles … Super Amino 23: Patented, vegan, 99% net nitrogen utilization and goes directly to the muscles in 23 minutes or less Fruits – for repairing damage … Apothe-Cherry: ORAC of 10 servings of fruits & vegetables per ounce plus only natural source of melatonin for sleep Vegetables – for fueling cells …

– THE CORE 3: Complete 30 day program … 60 day guarantee … only ~$5/day … can be used as 30 meals … + 5 $50 Gift Cards

4. Accelerate The Results: 10-Day Transformation (Jump in with both feet to see what is possible) PLUS, you can ACCELERATE RESULTS of the Core 3 with a special plan that’s a 10 day vacation from processed food. It’s the Core 3 TIMES 3. You take the Core 3, 3 times a day for maximum results in the minimum amount of time. David Sandoval’s 10-Day Transformation is the fastest, healthiest, simplest, least expensive way to lose weight. Lose 5-20 pounds in just 10 days using Core 3 products … and, believe it or not, the weight loss is just a healthy side effect. Detox. Metabolic re-set. Break addictions to processed foods. This 10-day program can change the trajectory of your health. Everything is spelled out. Support Guide. Live support calls 5 days a week. Motivational text messages. Free Naturopath. This is “transfer spending.” Your food budget goes almost to zero. Similar to cost of 3 daily meals or 1 restaurant meal.

– 10-DAY TRANSFORMATION: 10-day accelerated program … Core 3 TIMES 3 … 60 day guarantee … only $23/day … + 5 $50 GC

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