What CBD is right for you?

You’ve heard they hype, you’ve tried some drops, you’ve visited the dispensaries, but how do you know you are getting the best quality the market has to offer?

I’ve had so many patients and friends approach me about selling CBD oil. I know that many people are getting great benefits, from better sleep to more comfort in their body.

Because I investigate so thoroughly when I dive into a subject, I knew I couldn’t form an opinion for some time. Time after time I’d refer people to our local dispensary or a practitioner I know who specializes in medical marijuana.

This week I was blessed by a colleague in my acupuncture and Chinese medicine community. She took on the investigation and came up with a list of criteria to consider when looking at suppliers of CBD oil. Here is what she came up with. I think its a great list!

“9 Important Tips For Purchasing High Quality, Uncontaminated, Potent CBD Oil From A Reputable Company”:

✅ 1. Make sure the company posts independent (3rd) party lab testing ON their website for every batch verifying the amount of CBD and that it is free of contaminants. 

✅ 2. Make sure each batch is verified to have less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive compound) complying with Federal Law. 

✅ 3. Make sure they use a C02 extraction method (which is more expensive) without chemicals and solvents that can DESTROY the CBD and HARM your body.

✅ 4. Make sure you are buying a “full spectrum” extract of the hemp plant and not an isolated component. The WHOLE PLANT contains many beneficial cannabinoids and phytonutrients that work together in an “entourage effect”.

✅ 5. Make sure the potency is at least 10 mg CBD per serving. Anything less than a 500 mg bottle of full spectrum CDB oil is not going to be enough for most people with chronic and severe issues. (Note: the size of the bottle has nothing to do with the concentration of CBD. In fact often the bigger bottles have LESS CBD.)

✅ 6. Make sure the hemp plants come from an FDA compliant farm using organic processes and there are no chemicals, GMO’s or other harmful agents in the soil that will end up in your CBD oil and your body. (Many companies get their hemp from China.)

✅ 7. Make sure that in the manufacturing of the CBD oil that no molds start growing before or after the processing of the hemp plant.

✅ 8. Make sure there aren’t any added fillers or unnecessary ingredients added just to make it look like there’s more in the bottle. (This includes, coconut oil, MCT oil, glycerin, water, etc.)

✅ 9. Make sure the company that sells you the CBD oil is so confident in the purity and potency of their product that they offer you a money back guarantee.

Hempworx has this.  Check it out!

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